From Military To Millionaire with David Joseph Pere

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On today’s Hustle & Flowchart Joe sits down with real estate enthusiast and creative financing strategist David Joseph Pere. Together they dive into the nuances of structuring deals that benefit all parties involved and discover the transformative power of mindset in both personal growth and professional success. David peels back the curtain on his creative journey, sharing insights and strategies that can be leveraged in various real estate markets, including some of the most expensive cities in the United States.

Real Estate Financing Strategies

David Joseph Pere shares how he negotiated a property deal with zero down, zero interest, and no payments for a year, revealing the art of creative financing in real estate.

The Impact of Mindset on Success

David speaks candidly about overcoming self-doubt and how embracing a positive outlook has led to better outcomes in both his personal and professional life.

Building Community and Providing Value

The growth of David’s military-focused community exemplifies the importance of supportive networks in driving success post-military.

Balancing Career Ambitions with Personal Life

Both Joe and David touch upon the necessity of breaks in a constantly ‘striving’ lifestyle and share nuanced views on motivational figures.

Military to Entrepreneurship Transition

David recounts his journey from feeling unfulfilled in the military to discovering passion and fulfillment in real estate and entrepreneurship.

Financial Management Post-Military

Disclosing the learnings from his financial journey, David emphasizes the significance of proactive money management, investing in self-development, and planning for retirement savings.

Retirement Savings and Money Mindset

An honest conversation about recognizing value in one’s skillset leads to a discussion on financial prudence and the expanded potential for business growth.


We wrap up by reflecting on David’s transformation from military service to real estate success, his approach to deal-making, community-building, and his strategies for personal development and financial savvy. This episode is a trove of inspiration for anyone looking to harness their past experiences into a thriving future.

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