Mikael Dia – The Momentum Engine To Grow Your Business

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Today’s show is a special one as it’s the first podcast we recorded in our new Flowchart Studios location, chatting with Mikael Dia from Funnelytics. On today’s show, we discuss his momentum engine, which is a four-step process that is customer-centric to attract, close, deliver and retain. Also, his 1-3-10 process is very cool, and if you are struggling for sales, he makes some great points. He’s got this concept about not bothering to run ads because if you are trying to get the first 100 leads on your list, use your social media account and your friends, tap your existing network, then ask them to tap their own network. If you are just getting started, figure out how to get that first one, then duplicate the same system for the first three, then the first ten.

We talk also about how to scale, bring more revenue into the process and dive into whether it’s the right market for you, instead of being caught up in the latest ways to drive traffic. With Funnelytics you can really drill down to see what the high impact stuff is so you can scale those things and not guessing in your marketing anymore. After you have enjoyed this show to get even more insight into testing your marketing tactics, check out our episodes with Shaqir Hussyin and Anfernee Chansamooth.

I thought ‘wouldn’t it be cool if I could just draw my funnel on a canvas and overlay all my data just like I would on a whiteboard,’ and that’s how Funnelytics came to be.” – Mikael Dia

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How Funnelyitics came to be and the process of creating a new piece of software
  • Testing and trying new online methods until you get that very first sale 
  • You want to have this one, very important thing when building a software company
  • How to validate your product idea while giving value and getting feedback ahead of time
  • Mistakes made along the way when building this tool
  • The two things you need in order to grow your business and how the momentum engine fits in
  • How the 1-3-10 scaling method will help you understand what adjustments need to be made to scale
  • Using data from the software to run simulations and forecast future conversions and revenue

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