Anfernee Chansamooth – How To Create The Perfect Case Study To Make More Sales

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On today’s show, we have Anfernee Chansamooth who is presenting a completely new concept that we have not chatted about before on the show, which details how to create case studies in your marketing. Anfernee is a content strategist, writer, podcaster, speaker, and the owner of Simple Creative Marketing, a company known for creating case studies and content that drives leads and sales for fast-growing services businesses. 

He dives into six steps to create your case studies which are very strategic and are written in a specific format that he gives us. He has some awesome tactics for getting eyeballs on these case studies, how to share them as well as how to use them to land clients and increase your conversions. When you’re done, get some additional ideas about content creation and case studies from our conversations with Mark Webster and Matthew Woodward.

The content can be amazing, but if no one sees it, it’s never going to get you the results you are looking for.” – Anfernee Chansamooth

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • What does a Star Trek costume party have to do with content marketing?
  • How to showcase your results even if it’s with a “boring” business model
  • Working with the B2B marketplace and providing your client’s insights that they can truly understand
  • How to get people to see your case studies
  • The one-page marketing strategy that Anfernee uses with all of his clients
  • The five big mistakes that people are making with their content marketing strategy
  • How to implement an understanding of your brand so that it flows within your content and lets people know what makes you different from all the others
  • How to get people to share with you their success for your case study
  • How to approach doing a case study for both affiliate marketing as well as with your own product

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