Matt Wolfe & Joe Fier – Marketing Is Changing – Adapt or Go Broke

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This episode has been a long time coming, as we have been thinking about some of this stuff since 2013. Many of our listeners have told us how much they miss our Therapy Sessions where we talk about what we are doing in the business and our struggles and wins, and this show will include a lot of those insights. We chat about where we see a lot of our marketing efforts headed, how the marketing landscape is changing for all of us, and some of the things we will be doing differently. We also discuss some of the ways that we are finally fulfilling our goals from years back and how we are going all in. 

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The big four – the GAFA companies – are all battling it out right now over things like privacy, the various ad platforms, and methods of advertising, and all the smaller companies who are trying to play by the rules are getting squashed in the mix.” – Matt Wolfe

We are going to be doing a hybrid approach between what we have been doing in direct response and internet marketing compared to more of the branding and creator play.” – Joe Fier

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The big push for privacy among GAFA
  • What do with lower open rates and losing your cookies
  • Want to be in the movies? How we’re all in Godzilla vs. King Kong now
  • Let’s go back to college and talk about the S.W.O.T. analysis
  • That one guy who is not welcome on our show
  • Building a media brand to mirror the Tim Ferriss effect
  • The future of course building and where to market them
  • Our plans for Traffic & Conversions and how you can potentially be a guest on the show!
  • What we are doing to stand apart from podcasters and direct response marketers alike
  • The cool, telling resources that were delivered to our doorstep recently

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  • The Identity Alchemist – Angelo Sisco
  • How Courageous Companies Build Well-Known Brands – Ryan Berman

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