Angelo Sisco – The Identity Alchemist

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We’re back with another show, chatting with our friend and fellow podcaster Angelo Sisco from Alpha Hippie. One of the things we talk about is having stories around specific things, and how when you listen to others tell stories about the same thing, you can have a reframe and change your perception around this subject. Everything is a frequency, and Angelo has such a deep level of awareness which he trained himself into, and he walks a different plane than most people. You will have so many a-ha moments as you listen to Angelo explain how to reframe your mind and use both feminine and masculine energy to be successful in your business.

Being a storyteller also has many benefits, and creating your own energetic energy in your life will put you in the right frame of mind. Angelo gives an overview of how he works with clients to create an identity alchemism shift, as well as the secret weapon he uses to change his frequency to match the situation he puts himself in. When you have finished, be sure to check out our previous chat with Angelo and our show with Marx Acosta-Rubio as we talk about how to get over those thoughts which are holding you back to create the mindset you need to move ahead.

So much of what holds our lives back is having those past thoughts and experiences and that’s why being able to give good stories and recreate stories in our minds creates new thought patterns, new neural pathways, and expands us, and then we can allow for shifts.” – Angelo Sisco

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How reading the Goosebumps stories as a kid, helped to build a career
  • When telling a great story leads to analogies and insight
  • You’ll never think about tobacco in the same way again after hearing what Angelo has to say
  • The meaning behind the identity alchemist and how you can become your best version of yourself
  • How to change your identity to become a wealthy person
  • Where the best McDonald’s in the world is located! 
  • Insights into feminine vs. masculine qualities
  • Leading a life of bliss and serenity
  • Angelo’s secret, favorite thing that helps him change his frequency
  • How to train your mind to succeed in business
  • We are reading more of your reviews, so tune in – maybe it’s yours

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