Ryan Berman – How Courageous Companies Build Well-Known Brands

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The time really flew by on today’s episode with Ryan Berman of Courageous Brands, as we let Ryan’s stories interweave into the show. Ryan brings to the table a different perspective than most marketing people have. We discuss his stair stepper approach to marketing and how everything is connected. We also talk about how his company created an actual city location in Funner, CA, and the magic behind that marketing campaign. 

One of the things that we love about this conversation is to start by stepping into the shoes of who you are selling to, which is something we intuitively know, but don’t always practice. Think of how you would want to be marketed to, which is one of the toughest things, but remember the customers are holding all the cards. Ryan also discusses how, if you have a boring brand, do something to change that fact, and create stories around the brand to make it exciting.

Also, make sure you listen to the end, as we read some of our recent reviews – maybe it’s from you! And after you have enjoyed this episode, be sure to check out our conversations with Dan Norris and Ryan Lee, who have both created successful brands by offering value and fun in a different way that makes them stand out from the rest.  

We’re living in this world now, where we are inundated with 7,000 messages a day. There’s so much competition right now and that’s why brand is so important.” – Ryan Berman

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Why “No feel, no deal” is so important to your business
  • David Hasselhoff and the magic behind a “Funner” city
  • The beauty of marketing today in telling your story
  • Getting from strategy to ideas to execution
  • How to flip common perspectives to bring your brand to new levels
  • From ducks to geckos – what to do if you have a boring brand
  • Beerfest vs. Craftfest? Who wants to go?
  • How to weed out the clients that are not a good fit
  • The stair stepper approach to your marketing plan

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