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There’s a cool tool that we have been playing with called which writes copy for you. It’s essentially grabbing information from the web and molding it to your requests with approximately 30 different modes. It helps you come up with ideas, blog posts, emails, subject lines, and some folks are even creating books with it. 

There’s also a copy idea generator, so in answering these questions Jarvis came up, along with real questions sent in by our audience. If you want your questions answered, be sure to visit, where you can write your questions and we will answer them live on an upcoming show. 

We also tell you how we deal with affiliate promotions and how we test the waters, to decide whether a product or service makes sense to go all-in and promote. After you’ve listened, check out our chats with Rich Schefren where we dive into how big tech is changing and what you can do about it, as well as with Nikhil Aitharaju & Ryo Chiba and their views on the future of artificial intelligence and what is next for content creation.

We should all be thinking about how we build our own platform or this thing that is a lot more valuable than some stand-alone piece of content that someone is probably cranking through using Jarvis.” – Joe Fier

You take a concept from this book and one from this person and then you mold them all together and now you have your own view through your own personal filter.” – Matt Wolfe

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Shoutout to one of our awesome PodHacker members who sent us something special – Thanks, Ryan!!
  • Listen to our cool new, real-life sound effects!
  • Be sure to check out some clips of where it all began (in the intro)!
  • How to use a 21 step sales letter with Jarvis to get your content dialed in
  • Thoughts about AI in the future, using Jarvis and Descript to create new shows 
  • How to get over your fear of public speaking
  • Creating a brand new site, using other people’s content
  • The future of deep fakes
  • How to get smart with content strategy so you stand out
  • How we test the waters with affiliate promotions
  • How to learn from others through idea sex

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