Marisa Murgatroyd – A Blueprint To Create Courses That Get People Results

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Marisa Murgatroyd is the Founder of Live Your Message and the creator of the Experience Product Masterclass. Marisa brings a brand new perspective around the creation, marketing, selling, and delivering of online courses that we’ve never seen before! Through her own mid-seven figure business and helping over 5,000 students succeed online, Marisa’s process around psychology and gamification gives you a unique way of planning your own online course.

Marisa’s unique process for creating online courses stand out from all of the others we’ve seen. With psychology at the heart of everything she does, Marisa shows how you can sell more, bring more happiness to your customers, and get more people to take action on what you teach. That’s not common with most online courses!

You’ll love our episode today as Marisa explains why the older model of learning and course creation is now dated. She shows specific ways how to create courses that offer inspiration, gives great value and incentivizes people to succeed through the training in a big way. Get ready to hear a new angle on creating your own online course and put what she teaches into action!

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Before you can make money while you sleep, first you have to make money while you are awake.” – Marisa Murgatroyd

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to get 30x engagement on your online courses
  • How to properly start a new relationship with a customer
  • The “Downward Death Spiral” and how to avoid it
  • How one conversation became a multi-million dollar online business
  • How to get more referrals
  • Tips for increasing repeat customers
  • Simple strategies to minimize the number of refunds on a course
  • How to structure your course and the goal of every single video
  • What MOST course creators are doing completely wrong and how you can avoid these mistakes
  • How to practically force your customers to complete your course
  • Plus much much more!

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