How To Launch Your Own Profitable Online Course – Ankur Nagpal

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Ankur Nagpal is not your typical Silicon Valley founder, where the pervasive Silicon Valley myth is something like: founder is passionate about solving a huge problem, raises millions driven by a powerful vision, and amidst much struggle finally changes the world. The story of Teachable is not like that.

In this episode of The Hustle & Flowchart podcast we sit down with the Founder of Teachable Ankur Nagpal, after teaching courses on Udemy with his partner Conrad. They were making some money, but it appeared unwise to market courses to students that they didn’t have direct access to, an thus Teachable(formerly fedora) was born.

We talk about a range of topics mostly around getting your course started and Aknur shares some tips on what investors are looking for.

“ You can’t build a business where you you don’t own your audiences” – Ankur Nagpal

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • From side gig to primary business
  • What Lessons Ankur learned by going through the VC funding process
  • How to structure VC deals the right way, so you are not giving up control of your company
  • A big takeaway on how to go and get funding
  • Why Communication is Key
  • Why Hiring is Selling
  • The right way to get started with Online Courses
  • Why people are not really buying your course, and what they are buying instead
  • The ONE thing you have to do before building your course
  • The best way to Market your course
  • Getting people to implement and use your course

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