Kim Krause Schwalm – Why Writing Your Own Copy Is A Huge Mistake

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After today’s show with Kim Krause Schwalm, you will definitely have the know-how to hire the best of the best copywriters, what to look for, how to compensate them in different ways so that you are creating a win-win partnership, and how to structure deals with them. Kim has got an insane track record when it comes to copywriting and beating out a lot of the greats.

She tells us the story of how she beat out the best winning sales letter as a junior copywriter and broke the glass ceiling when she became the first female copywriter to ever get a Boardroom control. Even if you have some copywriting experience yourself, you know it’s not that easy to get the right person for the job, especially as sometimes we think no one will write the copy as well as us, especially in our voice. 

This show changed our thinking regarding hiring a copywriter, especially with the variety of ways to partner with someone who can support you over the long term. As business owners, we have enough things to do, so it makes sense to hire an effective copywriter, and even though there’s a ton of value in learning copy yourself, it’s probably not always the smartest move to write your own copy for your own products. We will likely bring Kim back for round two in order to dive into some deeper principles with copywriting skills. Once you’re done be sure to give a listen to our shows with Anik Singal and Justin Goff for more copywriting tactics.

It’s not so much you want to improve your copy, you want to improve your sales results. Whatever it is you are currently using is not getting it done.” – Kim Krause Schwalm

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • What to expect when hiring a copywriter
  • Different ways you can price out the work for a win-win
  • The beauty of some old school marketing techniques
  • Why first is not always best 
  • How to find someone who writes in your voice but still writes to convert
  • What to do when your copywriter falls off the grid
  • How and when to offer incentives, royalty deals, and flat fees
  • Why you may want to consider hiring a copy chief
  • And much, much more!

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