Justin Goff – Focusing On Emotional Triggers To Write The Best Copy

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Justin is best known for helping marketers and business owners to convert their offers on cold traffic. With his cold traffic ninja strategies, he was able to grow his own supplement company from $0 to $23 million in sales in just under three years. After accomplishing that feat, listen in as Justin explains why he felt empty, and what he did to turn himself around.

This conversation goes deep right away, where we talked about psychedelics, therapy, emotions and tapping into your empathic side. Justin also has a super interesting approach to email marketing (you actually have to apply to be on his email list). 

There’s some key insights in this episode as Justin lays out how he triggers specific emotions with his copywriting in people and how to get people emotionally charged up about their current situation.  

If this show gets you rethinking your ads and copywriting, be sure to check out our previous episodes with Kevin Rogers and Joy Houston for more tips on how to write copy that speaks directly to your ideal customers.

One of the most eye-opening things I’ve realized is that these things that you think are little things that happen in your childhood affect every single thing in your business.” – Justin Goff

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Why Justin has people apply to get on his email list
  • What Justin went through to get to $23,000,000 in sales
  • The value in Justin’s email list that you need to apply to get on
  • The emotional elements of running a business
  • How plant medicines help with realizations
  • How to work emotional triggers into writing your copy
  • Compliance methods for best practices with cold traffic
  • Examples of difference niches and what emotions you should use and why
  • And much, much more!

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