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In this episode, we are chatting with Anik Singal who is putting out some amazing stuff with copywriting, conversions, and running webinars. Anik has been in the online marketing business for quite some time, and he has an infectious, positive energy on his videos, podcast, and here on today’s show.

Listen in as we chat about how he’s been able to create over a quarter of a billion dollars worth of business, and how he has seen marketing and copywriting change over the years. He talks about how he has pivoted to create value in a way that really resonates with people and turns them into happy customers. We also talk about his five-step process and how to create your story so that it leads to a natural progression into your pitch, without it coming off as sounding too salesy. When you’re done, if you’re looking for more advice on copywriting, check out what Kevin Rogers and Connor Gallagher talked about. 

As of 2020, my mission is to bring the message of good copywriting to 100,000 entrepreneurs.” – Anik Singal

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Anik’s copywriting skills and how he was able to make a quarter of billion dollars worth of sales online
  • The evolution of direct marketing and how interactive marketing is changing how we sell things today
  • The 5 steps to talking to your customers that will make them feel at ease, trust you and want to join your tribe
  • How an unexpected, but special mentor changed Anik’s life forever
  • What is the basis of “good copywriting”
  • Why winning at copy and conversions is not as hard as you think 
  • And much, much more!

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