Justin Schenck – How To Build A Platform And Connect With Anyone

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On today’s show with Justin Schenck we cover quite a bit of ground because we have very similar business models. If you visit Growth Now Movement, he’s got his podcast as well as his virtual events, one of which we are speaking at. Justin focuses a little more on events where we focus a little more on affiliate marketing but outside of that sort of differentiator, we’re both very podcast-focused, and we’re both very relationship-building focused.  

We dive into how he grew his podcast, how he got to be on the radar of some big-name celebrities, the value of enjoying the journey along the way, and why you don’t need as many listeners as you may think. You’ll hear his journey and the behind the scenes stuff of how his podcast exploded soon after only having 100 downloads to eventually land on the Inc. Magazine’s top podcast list. When you’re done listening, be sure to check out our other shows with Joe Sanok and Tyrone Shum, for more podcast tips, strategies, and how to get on those shows you want most.

If you can’t pivot as an entrepreneur online right now, you’re gonna be in trouble long term…so prepare and set yourself up in the right way. I’m in the phase right now of pivoting and seeing how it goes.” – Justin Schenck

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Enjoying the journey along the way
  • How recent events have forced Justin to evolve while staying true to his purpose
  • A mid-day cigar break and what it means to take time for yourself 
  • A daily check-in with yourself to appreciate the small steps along the way to bigger goals
  • What to do and not be concerned about if you are just starting out with a small audience
  • The 1% method of improvement
  • A cautionary tale of why you do not want to mess with the internet overlords
  • How Justin gets big-name guests on his show
  • You can save a life or change someone’s business forever with your show
  • And much, much more!

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Enjoy this clip from our interview with Justin:


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