Justin Brooke – How To Generate 10,000 Leads Per Day With Google Ads

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In this episode, we are speaking with Justin Brooke who runs AdSkills, a service that helps ad buyers build more profitable ad campaigns, get certified, and get matched up with clients or jobs.  Justin is a traveling nomad, who was actually talking to us from his car, as he’s been traveling with his family for the last four years.

His business allows him this benefit and in this show, you’ll learn how he has honed his skills over the years while only failing a few times to create a new business from scratch. You’ll also hear why he feels Google advertising still beats out the rest, the proper ways to run your advertising effectively, and the best thing to do to get traction if you are just starting out.

Once you’ve got your wheels turning on how to get more leads, be sure to check out our episodes with Mike Rhodes and David Schloss who reveal more ways to use both Google and Facebook advertising for awesome results.

I always try to have one client in the background so I’m still in the game. I feel like that I owe that to my customers so I’m not just teaching, that I can still talk about things.” – Justin Brooke

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Justin’s scalable recipe for paid traffic
  • Why he is no longer afraid of failure and what led him to “break the code”
  • The big important difference between Facebook advertising and Google advertising
  • Our unique strategy where we give another shoutout to Dan Ryan (Hi Dan!)
  • The results behind one of Justin’s most talked about Facebook posts
  • The secret spot to go to get the best wifi when traveling (conference rooms included!)
  • What Justin learned by going through Russell Brunson’s closet
  • Justin’s tool stack and how using just three sites can get take you lightyears ahead
  • And much, much more!

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Contact Justin Brooke:

  • Google Justin to check out his other interviews and to find him on social media, plus check out his YouTube channel where he gives a ton of great value and information

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