How To Scale Your Business Using Google Ads – Mike Rhodes

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Back in 2010, Mike Rhodes was at a conference in Maui. For the past six years, he had been experimenting, testing, and studying to find out what made Google Ads tick. When he stood up and presented his strategies, everyone knew this was the guy to follow. And his little agency in Melbourne was about to explode.

Perry Marshall tapped Mike to co-author the Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords, now in its 5th edition, which placed him as the leading expert on Google advertising. Now his agency is what he always wanted it to be: the only place to go when you need the most up to date training possible about the world’s largest ad platform.

Keep your notebook handy as Matt and Joe get barraged with the seemingly infinite strategies Mike Rhodes has developed, like how to get your remarketing on the competition’s sites, what to do in your brand’s first 3 months on Google Ads, and what Google has in store next year. When you’re done, listen to our talks with Tom Breeze and Ralph Burns to get more ad strategies for your business.

Know your #@%$ numbers. Know why you’re trying to hit the number you’re trying to hit.” – Mike Rhodes

I am sitting here in my princess bed talking to you.” – Dan Ryan

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The best Google Ad courses to take (they aren’t Google’s)
  • How to know if maximizing your profits is actually the wrong move
  • A new, amazing kind of targeting that Google is rolling out next year
  • One trick to get your remarketing on your competitors’ sites
  • What to expect your first 3 months with Google Ads
  • The questions to ask yourself before you look at the data
  • How to see outliers in your data, because that’s where there’s an opportunity
  • What AI is an expert at and what it isn’t
  • How to use scripts to prevent hackers from stealing your traffic
  • The 2 kinds of data you ever need to look at
  • Where you need to be digging in to get more data
  • How to automate notices about changes in your traffic

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