Joshua B. Lee – The Dopamine Dealer of LinkedIn

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Today we have Joshua B. Lee, who runs a new venture called Standout Authority. He has a lot of experience and knows what to do with traffic having done this for legends in the marketing space for years. On today’s show, we are chatting about how to get engagement on LinkedIn and get real people to listen to you. We are diving back into LinkedIn lately ourselves, and on this show you’ll hear why that is, and get some real a-ha moments as we did. Even if LinkedIn isn’t your jam, Joshua talks about the human algorithm and how he connects with folks in a unique way. He has a strategy to get into their world and figure out ways to collaborate or get them as a client, so it’s definitely applicable everywhere. 

The dopamine hit is that initial conversation, and your value isn’t in likes but is in having a good conversation with people. Josh has definitely been on the other side as well, and we chat about how to really connect on LinkedIn without the dumpster fire full of spam. Plus, if you have an older account you don’t have to start over, and we talk about ways you can revitalize it. When you’re done be sure to check out our conversations with Will Wang and Josh Turner for more insight into how to leverage LinkedIn to improve your business relationships, how to grow a following organically, and how to use LinkedIn groups.

There’s no B2B or B2C, there’s only H2H – Human to Human.” – Joshua B. Lee

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Avoid doing these specific things on LinkedIn, especially if you do not want to be banned 
  • The 10/20/70 content rule
  • What your SSI score is on LinkedIn and how to improve it
  • Why you want to include your job from high school on your profile
  • How Josh was able to close a multi-million dollar deal with the help of Sales Navigator
  • From buying selling traffic for MySpace to starting over again by moving back home with his folks
  • How to get out of your home office “prison” and be completely open to your surroundings
  • How talking like a 5th grader will improve your connections
  • Examples of what to say when you are first connecting with someone – without being sales-y.

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