Josh Turner – A LinkedIn Strategy Guide

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Josh Turner is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author as well as Founder and CEO of LinkedSelling. He is a leading expert when it comes to growing your business using LinkedIn and has developed and refined the relationship-focused lead generation system that he now implements for their clients. 

In this episode, Josh will discuss all the latest LinkedIn changes, why groups are a great way to connect to prospects and why you can have a heads up on the competition using LinkedIn ads. You’ll also hear how he is using the site to obtain sales appointments for his clients as well as what to do and even more importantly, what not to do if you are just starting out or need to upgrade your current profile.

Listen in as you’ll discover why LinkedIn is no longer the boring, quick to pitch site that it once was and how they are gearing up to be on par with Facebook, especially when it comes to groups and advertising.  Afterward, round out your networking and LinkedIn know-how by checking out our previous episodes with Omari Broussard and Trevor Turnbull.

A lot of big brands are using LinkedIn ads and they are just garbage. They don’t understand direct response marketing. When you show up with an ad that’s far more compelling, you can do really well because the competition is not as great.” – Josh Turner

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Cool tools to use in conjunction with LinkedIn
  • How to get highly qualified leads from LinkedIn
  • How to get targeted folks by utilizing local meetups
  • How to grow a following organically
  • Comparing LinkedIn advertising to Facebook
  • How LinkedIn groups work
  • What your profile should look like at a minimum
  • How to do LinkedIn ads effectively
  • How to do cold LinkedIn outreach and follow up
  • Retargeting with LinkedIn 
  • And much, much more!

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