Will Wang – The Cold Outreach Strategy Guide

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We’re back and today we are chatting with Will Wang, who is a master at crafting interesting campaigns to get people’s attention. We cover a lot of specific examples too, such as how to get more affiliates to promote our products and how to create a cold outreach campaign to get that accomplished. There are so many strategies in this episode that you can swipe, whether you are a smaller operation or work for a large corporation. 

Will runs his own agency out of Australia, GrowthLabz, and has created all these campaigns as a way to sell using modalities that are super unique and not commonly done. He has perfected this model and has streamlined it to a point, where he has created a lifestyle agency for himself.  We also talk about his early beginnings and the ups and downs of working for yourself, running his agency, and getting to a point now where he is more focused, has much more time on his hands and is less stressed. In addition to all of that, we discuss his podcast at ContentDrivenBusiness. Afterward, round out your networking and LinkedIn know-how by checking out our previous episodes with Trevor Turnbull and Josh Turner.

If I was trying to get on a podcast, I’d listen to 5-10 episodes and reference them and say what I liked…and then I’d look at where do I think I can bring value to your audience or what are you trying to get out of your podcast that I can help you with.” – Will Wang

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How to get on people’s radar through direct mail, LinkedIn, and cold email 
  • The overlooked importance of research and some tools to help ease that process
  • How to leverage cold outreach to bolster your e-comm platform
  • Benefits of lumpy mail and how to set your piece apart so that it gets noticed and opened
  • Will’s multi-step formula for outreach which gets great conversions
  • Some highlights from his client’s campaigns which have resulted in open rates over 70%
  • Great ways to use LinkedIn for both outreach and advertising
  • How to sell a big-ticket product or service
  • Using LinkedIn ads in both discovery and follow up
  • And much, much more!

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References and Links Mentioned:

  • Hunter.io
  • Neverbounce
  • QuickMail.io 
  • Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss
  • Work Less, Make More by James Schramko
  • Brain Audit by Sean D’Souza
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  • A Simple LinkedIn System To Grow Your Business – Trevor Turnbull
  • A LinkedIn Strategy Guide – Josh Turner

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