Joey Xoto – The Story Behind A $30 Million “Simple” Software Empire

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In 2012, Joey Xoto had just lost his job and was scrambling as he had to find a way to make $40,000 quickly to pay for his upcoming wedding. Listen in as you’ll hear how Joey used his ingenuity and skills to connect with one of the most well-known marketers of the day and make a name for himself in the online marketing world with what he knew best, his video creativity.

From there, we discuss Joey’s ups and down in the world of entrepreneurship and how he’s gone the extra mile to set himself apart with his video expertise, creating such a buzz in the marketing world with his techniques that he was copied over and over. We also talk about his tactics with promoting his software product, how he is able to outsource the content for his membership area and come up with new ideas.  

We also dive into issues that many of our past guests have experienced as well, such as health problems, anxiety, and depression and tips to get past that, as well as Joey’s impressive, transformative health story, where he was able to lose over 100 pounds! If you enjoyed this show, you may find it pairs well with some helpful tips from Christopher Gimmer’s and Mike Filsaime’s episodes and their take on building a SaaS product, scalability and dealing with affiliates.

I had one that did only $10,000 which probably sounds like a lot for some people, but for a launch it kind of sucks, especially when you have $20,000 you have to pay in prizes.” – Joey Xoto

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Joey’s humble beginnings and how he was able to create a buzz around his business when no one knew his name
  • The beauty of outsourcing which enables Joey to keep focused on building his business 
  • Scarcity tactics when dealing with an evergreen product
  • How Joey was able to grab the right people to handle their Facebook advertising for a win-win
  • The beginnings of Viddyoze and how it’s been transformed into a multi-million business over the years
  • Lessons learned from prior launches that tanked
  • Our heartfelt conversations on therapists, life coaches and how to find the right people to help you with dealing with stress and anxiety 
  • Joey’s amazing transformation and how he’s able to stay ripped and keep the weight off
  • Ways to deal with your ego and concerns about past and present, in order for you to stay more in the present 
  • And much, much more!

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