Joe Sanok – The #1 Secret for Creating the Lifestyle you Always Wanted

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Joe Sanok joins us again for a second show with another fun conversation about chilling out, getting your mind in order, and having systems…things that have been a theme lately around the Hustle & Flowchart brand. A lot of conversations we have had recently are in tune with what we want to do with our brand, which translates into a smart and productive way to work. It is less about tactics and business strategies and more about  figuring out what we want to do and having the business facilitate that. 

On today’s show, we chat about how Joe was able to take more time off as we have done, spend more time on the important things in his business, outsource the things that are not as important, and basically slow time to get more clarity. He also tells us a great analogy with his tale of his encounter with a rhino, what to expect if you are doing a book deal with a major publisher and how his Slow Down School has helped many entrepreneurs do just that, while also moving their own business ideas ahead quickly. If the idea of traveling the country while working on your business part-time appeals to you, be sure to check out our previous show with Joe as well as the chat we held with Justin Brooke

Research shows that when you slow down you have better clarity on what you need to spend your time on. So if you are taking a Wednesday off and the weekend off and you are generally setting boundaries and letting your brain be optimized, then when you get to the week, you can kill it.” – Joe Sanok

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The magical mindfulness of young minds
  • Roadtripping across America, while road schooling kids and podcasting about the adventure
  • The benefits of having two Fridays a week
  • Scheduling in fun first
  • Discovering your sprint personality to fine-tune your workflow
  • Staying at an Airbnb for the weekend to get more work done 
  • How we slow down in a way that matches what our brain needs
  • What to do when you see a rhino charging right at you
  • The science behind vigilant detriment
  • One simple thing you can do to refresh your brain, pay attention better, and work more efficiently
  • The trick to getting to 100 pushups a day
  • What to expect when you publish a book with a big name publishing house

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