Joe Fier & Matt Wolfe – YouTube, Spotify, Fireside, and OnlyFans?

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This is a show for those of you thinking about podcasting and YouTube and for those who are not, you still should listen in. We are going to be talking about content creation on the platforms everyone is going to these days. We chat about recent stats, predictions and where things are headed. There’s a lot of cool things that we have been noticing, that we think will help everyone. 

We’ve been pretty tapped in with what’s been happening in the podcasting space in the past few years, and our gut reactions have been pretty accurate. You’ll hear our thoughts about ClubHouse, Spotify, Fireside and, yes, even OnlyFans. Plus we deep dive into a poll by Edison Research that shows some interesting data in regards to where podcast listeners are hanging out for both searching and listening. So check it out, and when you are done be sure to have a listen to our chats with Rob Balasabas and Marc Guberti who drop some golden nuggets on how to maximize your YouTube views, as well as best practices for your descriptions, keywords and tags. 

There’s so much opportunity to leverage other people’s work and show up as a recommended video.” – Joe Fier

Anywhere you can have your content, have your content available there, because these trends might shift over time, so might as well be where everyone’s looking.” – Matt Wolfe

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Why we’ve been putting our focus on YouTube based on data
  • Interesting stats about where people are listening now and more trends that we’ve been eyeing for a while
  • What really bugs Matt about Spotify? Listen to find out
  • Why YouTube makes it way easier for your podcast to be discovered
  • Quick hits to get people’s attention
  • Our thoughts about the new Fireside platform and whether you should jump in
  • That one time we got to chat with Tyrese Gibson! 
  • Is it rebranding time for OnlyFans?

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Our Resources:

  • PodHacker – We teach creators how to Build, Engage, Amplify & Monetize your content. 

References and Links Mentioned:

  • Edison Research
  • Fireside
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  • How To Maximize Views And Engagement On YouTube – Rob Balasabas
  • A Complete YouTube Success Roadmap – Marc Guberti

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