Marc Guberti – A Complete YouTube Success Roadmap

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We first heard about Marc Guberti from our Facebook group, where people were singing his praise as the go-to guy for YouTube tactics and growth strategies. Marc is a content machine, having already published 30 books at a young age, has another one in the works, and is growing two YouTube channels at a rapid pace. 

On the show today, he spills the goods on how to gain traction fast with your channel, as well as best tactics for your description, comments section, thumbnails, end cards, and titles. We also chat about how he puts the tools he uses the most to work and how he’s able to publish such a huge amount of books in quick succession. After you’ve listened, round out your YouTube insights listening to our previous episodes with Aaron Biblow & Triston Goodwin and their flywheel strategy and with Tobias Rauscher where we dive into his YouTube satellite strategy.

If you can weave current events into your channel content, it does give you a lot of potential search traffic..and if you can tie into a current event, which is easy to do with an investment channel, you can get some of that initial momentum.” – Marc Guberti

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Topics to help you gain momentum with YouTube traffic fast
  • How to get to the point where you can monetize your channel the quickest
  • Tactics for finding keywords, tags, and best practices for your descriptions
  • How to leverage YouTube with your podcast
  • What makes a great thumbnail
  • The beauty of using hashtags and why they are not just for Twitter!
  • Best use of cards for keeping viewers on your channel
  • Figuring out the YouTube algorithm and what metrics they want to see which will propel your channel quickly
  • Marc’s strategy for getting his books created and out into the marketplace fast

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