Joe Fier & Matt Wolfe – Is Affiliate Marketing A Legit Business?

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What’s up, Hustle & Flowchart community?! We’re back with another therapy session and moving forward we are not only upping the frequency of these shows but want to make it more focused. On today’s show, we are diving into one of our favorite topics, affiliate marketing. We’re talking about how after listening to one of our most popular therapy sessions from last year, we revisited what we are doing in the business, applied the 80/20 rule to our actions, and are making the necessary adjustment moving forward to focus on what we really love doing best – the platform building and building the audiences, and once we’ve built the audiences, showing people how we did it and tools that we used to do it.

We also talk about some recent changes we made to our PodHacker membership, our love for our new studio and how it has helped us to better manage our time, as well as a super cool Key Step Tutorial strategy and how we used it recently, promoting one of our favorite new tools, This is a great strategy that is not overwhelming to put in place, really targets those in your audience that are interested in what you are promoting, and is something that anyone can do in their business. As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts as we appreciate you coming along with us on our journey! Don’t forget to check out our previous episodes where we discuss our affiliate marketing strategies: The Tools We Use For Affiliate Marketing and Unapologetic Affiliate Marketing Strategies

It really was a point where we actually had an ideal business model right there, and we were very close to it, where we didn’t have to do much. But we let it almost grow in ways that we didn’t want that load on us.” – Joe Fier

We really enjoy the platform building and building the audiences, and once we’ve built the audiences, showing people how we did it and tools that we used to do it.” – Matt Wolfe

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Whose face should join us in our podcast studio?
  • The realization after our 80/20 analysis
  • Discussing and reviewing a conversation we’ve had previously
  • Our super cool KST strategy which can be done in different modalities
  • Getting our content calendar dialed in
  • Going down the rabbit hole on YouTube
  • One huge benefit of the podcast as an online journal
  • A big change for PodHacker that really benefits our members
  • The actions that are almost guaranteed to make the most money

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