How To Use Old School Marketing Tactics To Grow Huge Events – September Dohrmann

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Where do high achieving business owners go to connect, learn and grow? With September Dohrmann at the helm, top performing entrepreneurs elect to gather at the CEO Space events she orchestrates.

Interestingly enough, September does the week-long event orchestrating with a small team and a large side of business systems and checklists, even when it comes down to volunteers lending a hand.

With her background in flipping real estate and running a salon, September was no stranger to clear communication and building systems that worked. So when the opportunity presented itself for her to become a coach with CEO Space 12 years ago after speaking to the owner, she jumped at the chance to be part of something bigger and give back.

Listen in as September shares the nuts and bolts of growing a business using networking events, what it means to be a successful leader and how to properly systemize your business so it can run efficiently and effectively. If this episode has you itching for more organization and growth in your business life, be sure to check out what Samantha Riley and  Paul Lemberg have to add to the discussion.

If you want to be a master of anything, you stick to the basics.”– September Dohrmann

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • What simplicity can teach you about your business
  • The true role of a good leader…And it doesn’t involve micromanagement
  • An inventory of the best (and simplest) tools to run a lean and efficient business
  • What does culture have to do with your business, and how to define yours
  • Ideal qualities of a great candidate to attend CEO Space events
  • Masterful advice on how to approach investors for your business
  • Why money lost on a business decision can be your best investment
  • A simple test to determine if your business systems are too complex
  • Guess who throws out an invitation to stay for 3 hours to talk about systems
  • Now guess who promises not to pick September’s brain gently
  • A simple exercise with Post-Its and your team can uplevel your processes
  • What a business investor doesn’t need to know about you
  • Transcript coming soon  

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