A 9 Point Process To Take A Business To A Million And Beyond – Samantha Riley

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Want to really understand how to win friends and influence people? Samantha Riley is just the woman to teach you how. How to stand out, how to scale, how to grow, how to sparkle, she teaches it all. Best of all, it comes down to systems.

Samantha is a best-selling author, world-renowned speaker and high-level coach and consultant to industry thought leaders, coaches, and business owners around the globe. Her nine-point process is the method that helps her clients plug the leaks in their business, stand out from the noise to attract their ideal clients and gain maximum recognition as an expert in their niche.   

On today’s show, Samantha took the time to “school” us “systems guys” in how to really make an impact. It’s an easy listen when the person teaching us has made millions both in the brick and mortar marketplace in her 20s and recreated the same success in a completely new line of business online less than a decade ago.

Listen in as we dive deeper into Samantha’s secrets for continued success. And, if you like what Samantha has to offer, be sure to check out these past episodes with AJ Roberts and Gonzalo Paternoster.

We create our lives. It doesn’t happen to us.” –Samantha Riley

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • What does McDonaldize your business mean?
  • How to shift from misery to gratitude when faced with divorce
  • Matt’s definition of the “best” content strategy
  • The common thread between Shakespeare and defining a niche (hint…play within a play)
  • What’s so sexy about a calendar?
  • The importance of setting boundaries at work to sustain your flow
  • The further importance of understanding how to define your flow
  • What takes first place when prioritizing your weekly calendar?
  • Joe’s definition of what rocket science “isn’t”
  • Is Matt secretly crushing on Meg Ryan?
  • The amazing 9-point system to expand your brand and uplevel your business
  • How your unique struggles can make you millions
  • A process to define your process so you can attract the right tribe to share it with
  • Where frameworks are king freedom follows
  • If you share yours, we’ll share ours (secret sauce that is)

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