Getting Real with Amber Spears: From Hustle Addiction to Living Your Best Life

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Get ready for an empowering conversation with a true game-changer! 

In this episode, Joe sits down with Amber Spears, an entrepreneur and founder of East 5th Avenue, one of the top affiliate marketing agencies today. They talk about the changes they’ve gone through personally since the last time they spoke, including Amber’s firsthand experience with the dangers of the hustle culture and the importance of finding balance and true fulfillment in life.

Amber shares her inspiring journey that goes from being addicted to being busy and the hardships she had to face, to realizing that true success comes from being connected to yourself and others. 

Joe and Amber delve into separating your personhood from your business and leaning on the people around you to keep you grounded in reality. 

They also discuss the power of relationships and treating your team and partners with respect, which is essential for a successful affiliate program and business in general. 

This episode will leave you feeling inspired thinking about what fulfilled means to you. Tune in and get ready to shift your mindset!

Some topics discussed in this episode:

  • Ditching the hustle: How slowing down and reconnecting with yourself can bring true fulfillment.
  • Finding your passion: Why constantly chasing the next big thing won’t lead to true happiness.
  • Relationships rule: Discover how emotional intelligence and connecting with others can take your business and personal life to the next level.
  • Unleash your potential: Letting your true self shine is the key to personal growth and success.
  • Power of community: Surrounding yourself with amazing people can be the game-changer you need.
  • Transferable skills: Learn how skills developed in business can benefit your personal life and vice versa.
  • Breaking free: Respecting your past self but knowing to have a better  future, you must shed those old coping strategies. 
  • Prioritize yourself: It’s not selfish to put yourself first – it’s essential.
  • Hustle’s dark side: How the hustle culture can take pieces of yourself to fill up the bank
  • People matter: Despite the buzz around AI and technology, it’s real people who make a business thrive.
  • Relationship building: How treating your team and partners with respect is the key to a successful affiliate program.
  • Be your true self: Embracing your authentic self can bring you greater happiness and success than pretending to be who you think your business needs you to be
  • Find your enough: Amber’s inspiring story of discovering what truly matters and finding fulfillment through saying “this is enough.” 

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