The Pursuit of Adventure: A Quest for Passion, Purpose, and the Ultimate Thrill with Mike Prince

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In this episode, Joe chats with Mike Prince, an entrepreneur and professional extreme athlete who’s overcome a lot. Mike’s journey from salesman to flyboarder to retreat founder is nothing short of inspiring, and he shares how self-care, cold exposure and breathwork played a key role in his success.

Mike and Joe dive into practical tips for expanding your time, staying present, and incorporating breathwork into your routine. You’ll hear how breathwork helped Mike recover from Lyme disease, and they even explore different techniques like the box and Wim Hof methods — try it with us during the episode!

Mike and Trevor Turnbull assembeled a group of men (myself included) who have practiced these methods together virtually for 3+ months now — these guys and practice have been a gamechanger.

They invite you to check out what they’re doing at Extremely Conscious. The stuff we’re doing is extremely timely for many of us entrepreneurs and men going through our own growth (and struggles).

There is a retreat coming up and more to follow. Go here to learn about the retreat and what’s going down there.

So, get ready to feel inspired and empowered by Mike’s story and tips.

Some topics discussed in this episode:

  • Breaking the stereotype: Why self-care is important for men too.
  • Mike’s journey: From salesmen to flyboarder to successful entrepreneur.
  • What is flyboarding? Discover this exciting extreme sport.
  • Chance encounter: How Mike Prince and Trevor Turnbull met and founded Extremely Conscious 
  • Losing the spark: Getting lost in the grind and how it can drain your passion for life.
  • Finding your way: How the retreat for men can help you reignite your fire.
  • Creating time: Tips for expanding your time and getting into a state of flow.
  • Slowing down: Why it’s essential to take a break and how it can help the entrepreneur mind.
  • Practice makes perfect: How habits like breathwork take time and effort to master.
  • The power of presence: Why it’s important to be present in every moment, from eating to working out.
  • Healing breath: How breathwork helped Mike recover from Lyme disease.
  • Breathe easy: Exploring different breathwork techniques, including the box and Wim Hof methods.
  • Guided breathwork: Mike leads us in a quick breathing practice to reset our minds and flow (experience it!)

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