Eric Berman – How Company Culture Can Make Or Break Your Business

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We’re back today with another fabulous show, talking with Eric Berman who runs an agency in San Diego and the best mastermind event we’ve ever attended with an amazing format and caliber of people, called SpeakEasy.

Eric is a founder and partner at Brandetize Inc., an interactive digital marketing agency that looks to make a positive impact by escalating authentic brands to their full potential. Eric has been involved as a founder and consultant for several companies and currently organizes several entrepreneurial and networking groups. His first endeavor was actually leading a team of over 400 employees in what was the first “Facebook” before there was a Facebook back in the early days of the Internet.  Side note – Eric’s brother went on to be one of the founders of MySpace!

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As an entrepreneur, these are life lessons – you think that what can go wrong and you’re untouchable. There’s always something. We never even thought that could happen.” – Eric Berman

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Why masterminding with your competition is always a good idea
  • How Eric is able to run a successful agency with less than 20 clients who are all making a positive impact on the world
  • Eric’s tips for running an effective mastermind
  • The importance of company culture and how to run a business where your employees are looking forward to coming to work
  • How Eric’s early days with certain entrepreneurs shaped his future business philosophy
  • Hand-picking your clients for a win-win
  • A handful of fun activities that Brandetize does for their employees which go a long ways towards their welcoming environment
  • How Eric handles never-ending opportunities for potential business deals
  • And much, much more!

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