The Ultimate Guide To Simplifying An Agency (Or Any Business) – Lee Goff

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At the age of 40, Lee Goff had a massive heart attack that nearly killed him at far too young an age. He had an eight-year-old daughter and a thriving agency that was stressing him to death. He sold his agency and started a new one that he promised himself would be too simple to ever put him in the hospital again.

Lee has gone on to pursue his life long passion of mentoring small businesses with a focus on doing one thing, and that is to make agency owners lives easier. He is committed to providing real-world tools, classes, and coaching that can make a real difference in the performance of an agency and help small businesses grow faster and more profitable than they could have ever imagined.

If you’re feeling like you have twelve bosses instead of one, this episode is for you. Listen in as Matt and Joe get a masterclass in simplifying your business from Lee Goff, who shares his essential automation processes, the human psychology that dictates every sale, and 10-steps to finding your most profitable niche. Looking to simplify even more? Check out our conversations with Gonzalo Paternoster and Michael Woodward.

If people are giving you money they’ve earned the right to talk to you. Don’t try and live behind a digital wall and build a business.” -Lee Goff

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The one thing that separates great advice from bull$^&#
  • Double-Digit Midgets (they’re what your business is for)
  • The first thing every business needs to simplify
  • Breaking away from the small-business diet
  • How to keep clients from turning into bosses
  • Automation to effortlessly onboard clients and employees
  • The limiting beliefs you need to wipe to scale your business
  • 10-steps to find your most profitable niche
  • Your only employee who actually needs to be an expert
  • Why a coach is essential to scale quickly
  • Rudimentary psychology that dictates sales
  • Lego Models (it’s the future of business!)
  • The digital goldrush that’s on the horizon

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