Elliot Roe – How to Discover What’s Holding You Back (and Get Over It)

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Our show today with Elliot Roe, creator of an app called Primed Mind, was packed full of goodness. We chatted all about how he came to create the app after he was able to get over his fear of flying and he walked us through these pre-methods, to prime your mind for various circumstances. For example, if you have an athletic event coming up or you will be speaking on stage, it primes your mind for all these activities. 

Elliot works with people who are in the top 5% but know there’s something holding them back to reach that 1%. These include top athletes, poker players, and Wall Street businessmen, who use his hypnotherapy services to get past that subconscious wall to break through to the next level. We also talk about how to get over imposter syndrome, uncovering hidden memories, and dealing with feelings of guilt, especially when it relates to running your business. Once you have listened, be sure to tune in to our previous shows with Erin Pheil and Rinesh Ganatra for additional insights on how to rock your productivity and erase those roadblocks that keep holding you back.

If there’s a big difference between what you would tell yourself and what you are doing, there’s something going on emotionally because you know the answer but you are not able to  follow that system.” – Elliot Roe

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Digging into your past by using hypnotherapy to change your emotions 
  • Common problems regarding feeling stuck at earning at a certain level and how it usually relates to your father
  • How Elliot got over his fear of flying
  • The interesting world of working with high-end poker players and athletes
  • Getting over imposter syndrome
  • How procrastination is one of the most common things Elliot’s client deal with and how to get around it
  • Bullied as a kid? How to reframe those feelings
  • Dealing with those darn repressed memories that are holding you back
  • Feeling scared? Why you are not alone
  • Dealing with the feelings of guilt when you are not spending time on your business

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