Rinesh Ganatra: The 5 Mindsets Entrepreneurs Must Embrace

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Shortly after getting married, Rinesh Ganatra realized he didn’t want to still be a dentist when he was 60. He wanted to be free of his workday and he set a goal for himself to sell his whole practice by the age of 40. He told everyone he would die before he stopped trying to follow his entrepreneurial dream.

Rinesh has used his success teaching dentists the world over how to build their businesses as a gateway to launch himself into his true passion, sharing the skills and mindsets people need to reach their goals and live their dreams. Now he’s showing thousands how to impact the world from the comfort of anywhere.

Get refocused on your biggest life goals as Rinesh gives Matt and Joe endless insights about how to structure your life around your dreams, why silence is when your core beliefs come to the surface, and the 5 mindsets to create an unstoppable pull toward success. When you’re done, get more advice about achieving the life you want with Rob Nunnery and James Schramko.

Look, your dreams are not sold at the convenience store…  Don’t think that because you know what you want that the world is going to give you a plate of convenience and perfect timing.” -Rinesh Ganatra

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Why your life isn’t meant for doing one thing
  • Finding your Pull when the world pushes you around
  • The 3 things that constrict a business’s growth
  • Systems that make money while you sleep
  • How to get excited about starting from zero
  • What you need to get the freedom to change your life
  • RATS: it’s time to take them out!
  • 5 mindsets to create an unstoppable force to your dreams
  • Tips for setting your new routines for success
  • How to know which distractions to cut out of your life
  • Letting big goals launch you into your next challenge
  • Advice for skilling up to achieve your dream

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