5 Ways To Boost Your Conversion Rate

This is a topic that anyone of us can implement almost immediately.

If you have a product of any sort online and you’re not focusing on trying to convert your hottest potential buyers, then you’re leaving money on the table.

Let me frame a bit of what happens in a typical sales funnel…


How to boost your conversion rate with the traffic you’re already getting

Scenario 1: The potential buyer of your product (we’ll call him Bubba) lands on your sales page.

He reads the page and hangs around for a couple of minutes. His wife tells him to get his butt in the other room because dinner is ready.

Bubba immediately closes his laptop and runs to the kitchen so he doesn’t get an earful from his lovely wife. Blamo, lost sale.


Scenario 2: There’s another potential buyer going through your pages, but this woman is REALLY interested in buying, we’ll name her Betty.

She’s read your awesome sales page and is now on your checkout page (the closest part of you making money). Betty starts entering in her name, email, address… then pauses.

She thinks of a question that she’d love to get answered (it wasn’t listed on the sales page), gets cold feet because she’s unsure if the product will fulfill her needs, then closes out the tab.

Instantly, another lost sale.


This happens every day in sales funnels and it’s money that could have been easily made by you.

There’s usually some kind of objection or simple question standing in the way of you making money, but far too many people don’t have systems in place to convert these people and collect their money.

This is why you should focus on the bottom of the funnels conversion optimizations.

Bottom of the funnel, meaning, start by optimizing/tweaking things on your checkout page, then your sales page, then your opt-in page, then your Facebook ads. Too many of us focus on the top of the funnel and then wonder why you’re not making sales.

Hint: It’s not usually your Facebook ads that are slowing your sales.

This was the main topic of the talk that Syed Balkhi, founder of OptinMonster, made at the Traffic & Conversion Summit.

He talked about the various bottom of the funnel systems, so you can capture the most amount of people before they click away from your site forever.

Here’s one of the simple systems inspired by Syed’s talk that we put in place immediately on all of our Evergreen Profits sites. This includes our Evergreen Profits Letter, other internal products, and all affiliate offers that we promote.


Boost your conversion rate with a cart abandonment email series

Here’s the deal, 70% of those people who land on your checkout page leave and never come back.

That’s an average across the board of all online businesses from all niches. That’s a massive amount of lost money.

Just think, if 100 people are landing on your checkout page each month, you are losing 70 people from purchasing.

If your product is priced at $100, that means you’re losing out on $7,000! I know, not everyone will purchase, but there is a lot of money left on the table.


Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Get a shopping cart that captures the information of your potential buyers. Meaning, when someone enters in their name and email address on the checkout page and don’t complete the other information, then your system captures that information so you can follow up with them. A checkout platform like ThriveCart does – this it’s what we use. You can read a comparison of ThriveCart vs. SamCart here.
  2. Now that you have their email address, you create an email follow up sequence that sends about three emails. The point here is to tell them that you are “holding their account”. The idea is to drum up scarcity and urge them to complete their order now. You could use a quantity, time, bonuses available or whatever kind of scarcity (just be truthful).

Here’s an example of the first email that you can swipe (this is triggered soon after they leave our checkout pages without completing their order):

Subject: Is everything ok?



Hey [NAME]

We just noticed that you tried to sign up for [INSERT PRODUCT NAME], but unfortunately, it looks like we were having some trouble.

Did something happen on our checkout page?

(If so, please let me know so we can fix it).

If you closed out of the page already, don’t worry! I found your order and created a link for you with your details already in the form so you can pick up where you left off:

Click here to continue purchasing [INSERT PRODUCT NAME]

If you need any help, feel free to reach out to us at [INSERT YOUR SUPPORT EMAIL].

Talk soon,



Just make sure to modify this email as needed. FYI – writing and setting up these emails took us a total of 30 minutes and already have helped us close new sales within a week. This is a no-brainer!

That’s just one example of optimizing your bottom of the funnel.

Here’s a list of some other tips on boosting your conversion rate that Syed mentioned and a few that we’ve used with great results:

  • Always have an option for people to purchase with PayPal. Usually, about 20% of people will purchase with PayPal instead of using a credit card or other method. So, if you remove PayPal as an option, expect to lose about 20% of your revenue immediately. Dumb move.
  • Create your own national holiday. Holidays were all made up anyways, what’s stopping you from doing the same within your business?! You can run a flash sale / 24 hour only sale / trial offer. It’s all about creating scarcity and getting people to buy quickly.
  • Experiment with using 14-day guarantees on your products instead of 30-day. Syed’s tests show that they are just as effective and you’ll be giving fewer refunds, which is always a good thing for your business.
  • Use customer case studies and testimonials in your marketing. Other people doing your selling and singing your praises will always be more powerful than you doing all of the selling. Use a tool like Boast.io to get your customers from all over the world to record case studies or testimonial videos for you. We’re going to start doing this for our products too.

Just remember, there are a lot of those Bubba’s and Betty’s floating around the bottom of our funnels.

It’s up to YOU to make sure you answer all of their objections and get them to come back and purchase.

If you’re looking to boost your conversion rates by using chatbot technology, check out our step-by-step guide on how to set up a chatbox.


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