Bacon Wrapped Hustle Session 1 – Brad Costanzo

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What happens to your show when you have the “uber” connected, highly successful serial entrepreneur and host of the podcast Bacon Wrapped Business stop in as a guest?  Since Brad Costanzo had something to say about it, lots of laughs mixed in with useful snippets of solid marketing and business acquisition advice.

Brad has a pretty long track record of success when it comes to marketing and helping businesses surpass millions in annual revenue, so if you’re in the game of entrepreneurship (or wanting to be), this episode is for you.

Listen in (or watch if you want, link for the video coming soon) as we dish about buying a business versus building one from scratch, defining your zone of genius, getting things done, and expert tips that are working in business right now.

If today’s episode gets you in the zone, be sure to check out the “getting things done” show with the creator himself, David Allen. While you’re at it, Paul Clifford’s latest episode about Designrr’s cool new features to help you save time and make more money is worth a listen too.   

If you use access and if you use influence, there’s not too many problems you can’t solve. You don’t have to know everything if you know the people who do.”– Brad Costanzo

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Shritless and pantless guys? Is this a strip club or a podcast?
  • Why podcasting shouldn’t be your business model, but how it also can help you build a fantastic business
  • Access versus influence, and why having both in your entrepreneurial toolbelt is required
  • Bodies buried? Are you sure buying is easier than building a business Brad?
  • Using a content framework to clarify your message and build your know, like and trust factor
  • Joe’s quick way to personalize the sales experience for your customer that converts like crazy
  • How using Curt Maly’s Hot 7 technique has gotten Matt over 150,000 reach in 30 days on a $1/day Facebook ad budget
  • We’ll say it once again…#pinkmic
  • This was unanimously voted the best part of the GTD system
  • Is Apple using alien technology to make facial recognition work?
  • How AirPods help you bond better with your dog
  • This is the next best thing to invest your focus in if you ask Joe
  • GoPros, Mission Beach and a tale of two podcasts
  • Proof that brand ads beat the crap out of direct response ads while you’re building a business
  • Outta Sync, is there a new “boy” band in the works?
  • Cool tools and gadgets we use check-in
  • Which of these three guys is looking for a sugar daddy?
  • Find out who’s the poop emoji and who’s the unicorn head in video chats
  • Transcript coming soon

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