Bacon Wrapped Hustle: How To Value Your Ideas – Brad Costanzo

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We welcome back Brad Costanzo for another round of our mash-upped podcasts. This time we’re geeking out about real tactics to change your mindset and let yourself imagine actionable ideas. Then we dive into Brad’s processes on how to pick the ideas that will take your business to the next level.

Brad is a good friend and business partner here at The Hustle & Flowchart. He’s been branded as an “idea guy,” which means he knows how to spot, create, and capitalize on multiple business opportunities at once. He has been consulting for companies, and even experts, to scale and grow their businesses for years while helping entrepreneurs do the same thing with his podcast Bacon Wrapped Business.

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I don’t think thinking outside the box is the answer, that’s a faulty way to go about coming up with ideas. I think you need to get a new box.” -Brad Costanzo

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Why you need to take your focus off execution
  • How to stop aborting your best ideas too soon
  • A 4-step process to pursue the right ideas
  • Balancing your internal critic with your optimist
  • How to get free of “fixing problems” and find real solutions
  • Using constraints to brainstorm powerful ideas
  • The mindset that separates entrepreneurs from the pack
  • Why physics and knowledge can solve any problem
  • Tactics to shift your mindset (not just woo woo stuff)
  • Getting on the journey of sucking less
  • Defining criteria for an idea you’ll actually see through
  • Find out if you are a laser or a floodlight
  • How to know if your current “problem” is really a symptom of deeper business troubles

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