Are you 3.5 Degrees of Separation from Anyone?

This blew me away…

I’m only 2.85 degrees of separation from ANYONE on Facebook (presidents, CEOs, A-list actors, etc.)

My number even beats out Zuck (I’m not sure how it’s possible), but here’s proof (you can figure yours out, too)…

facebook degrees of separation
Screenshot from Facebook’s blog with me logged in.

I was just listening to a really good podcast by Mike Dillard where he was interviewing Ryan Holiday (You should check out both of these guys if you haven’t before).

It was just said in passing, but Ryan mentioned that Facebook recently published a study that they did after crunching billions of numbers. What they were trying to figure out was how many degrees of separation each person on Facebook is away from anyone else on their network of 1.59 billion people (!!).

As you could imagine, that’s a TON of data and shows just how powerful Facebook is. But more than that, it shows how much OPPORTUNITY there is for each and every one of us. We are so connected and have the ability to get introduced or reach out to practically anyone we want without much effort.

Just think about the project that you’re working on or one that you might have thought was a far off dream. If you start imagining just ONE person you’d need to spark the fire of your ambition (as a partner, PR help, mentor, etc.) then you can see how powerful this is.

As I’m in the middle of writing my own book and I have set some lofty goals (becoming a New York Times Bestselling author of 5 books one day), it got my head buzzing! Just think of the connections to media outlets, the people in my network that I can pass my book around to get reviews from, to get booked on podcasts, ask other NYT bestselling authors for advice, etc.

All of this and more is completely achievable, we just didn’t know how close we were to that one catalyst that could set our projects into the stratosphere.

So this post is mostly to show you that Facebook reports that people are, on average, only separated by 3.57 people on their platform. That’s WAY less than the 6 degrees of separation that was reported before social media and the internet was in full force.

But here’s the cool thing, you can actually see your personal data. You can go to the following link and see your exact degrees of separation from anyone on Facebook (make sure you’re logged into Facebook):

Think about it, you’re on average only 3.57 steps away from connecting with the President, from the marketing manager to land that $100k contract, or the love of your life that you haven’t met yet.

Put yourself out there and watch the magic unfold.

If you are not posting on Facebook and sharing what you do with others, you are ABSOLUTELY doing yourself a detriment to your business success. Share your successes, what you’re working on, who you’re working with, and your big dreams. You never know who is looking and can make that connection become a reality for you.

ACTION STEP (do this!!): Post, on Facebook, a goal that you want to achieve in the next couple of years and how you plan on getting there. I bet there’s a way you can cut that time in half with the right connection.

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