How To Connect With The Greatest Minds To Improve The World – Michael Trainer

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Michael is a social entrepreneur focused on building movements with global impact. As National Director of the Global Poverty Project, he co-created the inaugural Global Citizen Festival featuring performances by Neil Young, the Black Keys, and the Foo Fighters on New York City’s Great Lawn; the Festival raised more than 1.3 billion dollars in new commitments for programs serving the World’s poorest people. The broadcast was the largest syndicated broadcast of its kind, with over 15 million viewers on the New York Times, YouTube, AOL, and on television, the campaign received more than 3 billion media impressions. Tickets were given through an innovative new platform called Global Citizen which rewards social action with tangible rewards.

Michael started exploring the world and its cultures eighteen years ago on a study abroad program in Sri Lanka, where he later returned as a Fulbright Scholar. He was a graduate fellow in International Affairs and Development at Columbia University.

On today’s episode, we will discover why Michael is dedicated to learning and taking action to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges along with support from big influencers.

“When we take proactive steps to set the visions for our lives and for our day, we’re really set up for success and we’re less apt to fall into the reactive drift of other people’s agenda.” – Michael Trainer

Some topics that were discussed include:

  • How Peak Mind started and Michael Trainer’s background
  • Why Peak Mind began in the first place
  • How to change the world be focusing on individuals
  • The rise of of Global Citizen and how it raised over $1.3billion
  • The common traits of some of the world’s most brilliant minds
  • How meditation can positively impact people’s lives
  • What to establish to become an effective CEO
  • How often to say YES and NO to different “opportunities” that arise
  • What to do after you’ve determined your agenda
  • A brilliant way to maximize your time, learned from a therapist
  • How Michael managed to connect with so many high achievers
  • The variety of lessons he’s learned from his expansive network
  • How Michael is contributing to the blockchain / cryptocurrency world
  • Creating opportunities in technology that can unlock human potential
  • Blockchain is not Bitcoin
  • What is the Blockchain and how we can benefit from it
  • Where to go to begin to learn about this ‘wealth transfer’
  • Some resources to connect with influencers yourself

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