Alex Mandossian – The Storytelling Formula That Makes Sales

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Alex Mandossian joins us on the show today and we really like his storytelling formula. It was even better to hear it in action and have him explain it as he went along in the content of the framework that he laid out. You can use this structure for everything, and the way he “sells” is the way we would sell. We tell stories that theoretically get people to buy from us but we never go for the close. He was explaining what people would miss out on, and towards the closing, he does it in a way where people are realizing they need to work with him, so it becomes their idea to work with him. 

Alex also discussed the cost of inaction and using that in relation to the story is something that’s not used often but has great results. Part of what he does is have you picture possibilities and go through the motions with him, so it makes you feel like you can do this. You’ll hear Alex’s story structure of when/where, who is involved, what happened, then how and why this is relevant to you. You’ll also hear some great stories as only Alex can tell them, as well as some tips to other marketing icons through the years, as Alex brings his many years of knowledge to the show. If you liked this episode, you might also enjoy our chats with Sean Vosler for even more storytelling techniques and with C.J. Martin, who not only tells some great stories but talks about how to build a standout brand in a crowded market.

I don’t change minds, I convince minds who are already coming in my direction or going to a competitor to rechannel behavior.” – Alex Mandossian

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • A marketing launch that made $1.2 million in less than 30 minutes
  • Knowing your first mentor
  • How to boost your conversion rates with one sentence
  • The two step process to lowering acquisition costs
  • The winning sales technique behind a chocolate chip cookie sale and a trip to Disneyland
  • How anyone can be a marketer
  • The framework of what makes a great story, especially the ending
  • The $14,000,000 toilet teleseminar story
  • A simple, two questions trial close that anyone can do

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