I Made An AI Clone Of Myself with Joe Fier

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In this episode, Joe Fier wraps up 2023 by introducing AI Joe, the AI version of himself. Together they discuss how Delphi AI and technology have enhanced the podcast throughout the year. They also delve into the themes of 2023, personal development, embracing change, and leveraging emerging technology.

Embracing Change

Joe and AI Joe delve into the importance of embracing change, sharing insights on reshaping and expressing one’s message to the world.

Leveraging AI Technology

The discussion focuses on the potential of AI in streamlining business processes, enhancing personalization, and building communities around brands, emphasizing the empowering aspects of leveraging AI tools.

Enhancing Brand Building

The episode explores ways to infuse brands with authenticity and empathy, discussing the use of AI to amplify brand voice and storytell in, as well as the significance of maintaining authenticity.


The episode wraps up with a reflection on the rapid advancements in AI technology, encouraging listeners to embrace technology to amplify their impact, connect with their audience, and deepen their insights and connections.

Overall, the episode offers valuable insights on the evolving role of AI in content creation, brand building, and audience engagement, while also providing practical resources for listeners to delve deeper into the AI landscape.

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