How The Perfect Partnership Can Create 3-Day Workweeks – Flori Pyke & Anna Jonak

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After years in corporate jobs, both Flori Pyke & Anna Jonak were realizing their workweeks didn’t leave much room for raising kids. They decided to take the leap of starting their own business, though hadn’t even met each other yet, not until a mutual client pushed them into a meeting.

Less than a month later, Anna & Flori already had six students signed for a life coaching program they hadn’t even finished writing yet. Fast forward three years and their business has grown beyond what they imagined possible – especially considering they have five (make that six!) little ones between them. The best part? They have a 3-day work week that leaves plenty of time for family.

Listen in as Matt & Joe hear from Flori Pyke & Anna Jonak about how every mum and/or dad can start their own business while home with kids, what you need to discover to overcome fear and mental blocks, and the many ways business owners can increase productivity by actually reducing their workload. After you’re done, check out our talks with James Schramko and Corona Brady to learn more strategies to find freedom in work and life.

“When shit hits the fan for one of us the other one steps up… that’s really been a weapon for us in being able to build such a successful business.” – Flori Pyke

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How every mum can start and grow a business from home
  • What you need to focus on when starting a business (hint: it isn’t marketing)
  • A counter-intuitive use of surveys that will save you from loads of research
  • What to do when you realize a corporate job isn’t working for your life
  • The vital resource where most businesses forget they need to invest
  • How to give yourself a 3-day work week with one change in mindset
  • The best way for businesses to plan their strategy for the year
  • How to build a team that only lets you do your highest value work
  • Where you should be hunting for the richest niches
  • Working from home can get lonely, but there’s a way to fix that!

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