A Step-By-Step Guide To Profitable YouTube Advertising – Tom Breeze

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Looking to make a video for his psychology practice’s website, Tom Breeze borrowed his parent’s camcorder. Over a hundred takes later he nailed it.

Tom started out helping his clients manage their nerves while public speaking, then they were also asking him to produce their videos. He decided to form his own ad agency to promote clients with his videos. That quickly turned into his full-time career.

Six years ago SEO changed and Tom started to see all his client’s revenue drop, so he went back to what he knew. He turned his videos into video ads on YouTube and salvaged his business. Now he’s CEO of Viewability, the highest spending for performance ad agency on YouTube.

Join the guys as Tom Breeze gives them a crash course in how to make the perfect video ad for your audience, getting YouTube’s AI to work for you, and which ad strategy is best for your video. Round out this week’s episode by listening to more YouTube strategy with John Belcher and the power of video ads with Dennis Yu.

You have to build a whole campaign around one video, not build a campaign and see what video fits.– Tom Breeze

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Where the lowest hanging fruit is on all the ad platforms
  • The CPA method to keep scaling with your clients
  • How to get YouTube’s A.I. working for you
  • Why it’s so important that you keep feeding the pixel!
  • When it’s time to turn off all targeting for an ad campaign
  • What to keep in mind to make sure your ads stay relevant
  • The pitfalls when marrying an ad agency with a video company
  • When you should be running Discovery ads vs Instream ads
  • Why your audience needs to know it’s an ad from the very first frame
  • The 3-step formula every business needs to make video ads
  • Why the first 5 seconds of a video ad are most critical
  • ADUCATE: The 7 step process to make a perfect video
  • Why high production ads are holding you back (Check out our guide to make a low-cost video studio of your own!)

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