What Are Airdrops And How To Capitalize From Them

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A few months ago, a ton of people who have been playing around in the Web3 space woke up to a multi-thousand dollar surprise. They had received an airdrop from Ethereum Name Service because they had bought a domain name.

Matt was one of those lucky people to wake up to a nice little windfall.

In this episode, we’ll explain the story behind that airdrop, how airdrops work, and give you some secret intel into projects that we think might have an airdrop next.

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Now, here’s a little of what you’ll learn in the episode:

  • The story behind Matt’s $7,000 crypto windfall
  • How airdrops work and why they’re given out
  • The additional responsibility that comes with airdrops
  • What to look for to spot potential airdrops
  • 5 rumored airdrops that could be happening soon (alpha alert)
  • Where to learn about drops like this even sooner than our podcast
  • Are we ending this podcast? (spoiler: we’re not)
  • Why you might not hear from us for a little bit starting next month

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