5 Video Sales Tactics To Increase Revenue with Todd Hartley

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Embracing the world of entrepreneurship means diving into the challenges and successes of starting businesses, building teams, and solving problems. In this episode of Hustle and Flowchart, Joe Fier welcomes the video sales maestro Todd Hartley, who shares his insights on the transformative power of video tools in sales and training. As a veteran in the industry with work spanning across notable figures and companies, Todd brings a wealth of knowledge on the psychology of sales, leveraging video for impact, and the art of overcoming professional hurdles. Get ready to discover how video can revolutionize your sales process and why personalizing the client experience is the key to closing more deals.

The Entrepreneurial Spark

Todd Hartley opens up about the excitement and satisfaction that comes with creating businesses and teams. The enthusiasm for entrepreneurship as a life’s choice sets the tone for the entire conversation.

Leveraging Video Technology in Sales

Joe and Todd dissect the advantages of using video tools like Loom, Vidyard, and Todd’s own tool Clarity to enhance training and sales processes. They discuss how such tools can address common issues faced in sales, such as ghosting and no-shows.

Overcoming Professional Obstacles

Sharing poignant personal stories, Todd and Joe delve into the hardships that often accompany the entrepreneurial journey, highlighting the importance of perseverance in the face of adversity.

The Psychology of Video in Sales

They unpack why and how video content significantly affects sales, emphasizing the importance of meeting psychological needs for clarity, certainty, and collaboration in the buying process.

Importance of First Impressions in Business

Todd talks about the impact of making good first impressions, which echoes throughout a business relationship and sets the foundation for client support post-deal.

Strategies for Burnout and Continuous Growth

Todd opens up on his own battle with burnout and shares his insights on refueling passion through nature, surrounding oneself with winners, and embracing continuous education.

Transforming Rejections into Opportunities

Reflecting on a pivotal moment in his career, Todd recounts how an initial rejection eventually led to a significant breakthrough, emphasizing the importance of resilience.

Embracing the Abundant Mindset

The conversation shifts to the power of serving with an abundant heart and how the fear of competition should be replaced with a reality created by one’s values and actions.

The Continuous Journey of Learning and Impact

The episode rounds off with Todd’s vision for growth, his book offering insights on accelerating sales, and his excitement for the future of video sales processes.


To wrap up, Joe and Todd revisit the transformative potential of video in sales, the importance of authentic connections, and the power of an abundant mindset in entrepreneurship. Listeners are left inspired to leverage video technology, personalize their sales approach, and adopt a growth-oriented outlook for their businesses and personal lives.

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