Victoria Song – Bending Reality To Make The Impossible Probable

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We have the wonderful Victoria Song on the show today, and one of the big topics we discuss is how, through her coaching, she has talked to people who have made millions of dollars, yet feel empty inside, and how it definitely seems to be a common thing among the high achievers. Victoria warp speeded her own journey, coming from the V.C. world as a super achiever, and is now on a journey to do more and help people who have created hugely successful lives, but still feel unfulfilled. She delves into why we need to discover the things that really light us up and how to go about doing that in such a way where the path will eventually reveal itself.

She also talks about how to focus on your awareness and your emotions to make you feel less fragile so you can let go of trying to control life while staying calm in times of uncertainty. Victoria even walked us through some coaching on the show, where we talked about constricted energy patterns arising from past events, and how to use her framework to get past it. It’s all about consistency and we’ve integrated a lot of these techniques ourselves lately to realize our patterns and get into more of a state of flow where we are leaning more towards our focus on having fun with the business. After you have listened, you’ll want to check out our conversations with Angelo Sisco and John Assaraf to help you destroy those blocks that are stopping your progress.

Our subconscious lives in our body and in our nervous systems, and not just in our minds. The body remembers what the mind may forget.” – Victoria Song

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Delving into why people are unfulfilled after experiencing great success
  • The amazing results from hiring an executive coach
  • Using unpleasant emotions as fuel for expansion
  • What entrepreneurs should be doing during the start up phase and afterwards to prevent the dreaded feeling that something is missing
  • Why you want to be more like bison
  • How to get into more of a flow state and operate from a sense of play
  • What to do when you get to that place where your nervous system has expanded
  • Accessing the field of infinite possibilities
  • How to create friction in your life so you can uplevel
  • What to do when you don’t know your life’s purpose

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