Top Earner On Udemy Tells How Content Creators Really Make Money – Jonathan Levi

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At the age of 24, Jonathan Levi had just sold is first company and was on a search to make a positive impact in the world. He made a short course on what he’d learned to accelerate his learning before setting off on his travels. That side-hustle was bringing in $10,000/month while he soul searched… Until a friend asked him, “Why aren’t you making more courses?”

Now Jonathan is one of the top-performing instructors on the web with over 160,000 students and counting. Most recently, he launched The SuperLearner Academy, a private, online academy where he teaches premium-level masterclasses in accelerated learning and productivity, and Branding You Academy, which teaches entrepreneurs how to create 7-figure multimedia internet empires just like his.

Time to step into your memory palace as Jonathan Levi shows the guys how to create courses that are addicting as salted peanuts, the secret to speed reading, and how to become an 8-Ton-Gorilla. When you’re done, learn more about marketing courses with Ankur Nagpal and Joel Erway.

Creating a really engaging online course is just having it be like salted peanuts where people can’t stop because it’s so enveloping.” –Jonathan Levi

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The reason side-hustles outperform big business
  • A quick test to see if your business idea is viable (do it with your friends!)
  • How a successful entrepreneur drives in rush-hour
  • Why Udemy could be the right place to grow your brand
  • Tactics to track customers and generate your best leads
  • How to find your unique angle straight into your niche
  • The Law Of Conservation Of Knowledge
  • How to pick the right domino that expands your brand
  • A leveraging path to become an 8-Ton-Gorilla!
  • “Lateraling” your brand into industries for insane growth
  • 3-Steps to make engaging courses and repeat customers
  • How superhumans organize their memories
  • The secret to becoming a speed reader

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