Tommie Powers – Why You Fail At YouTube Ads (And How To Solve It)

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On today’s show, we are chatting with Tommie Powers, a/k/a “Tommie Traffic”. Tommie specializes in scaling growth and revenue online with paid media and video advertising, is a natural at looking at patterns and data, and he has used this gift to be at the forefront of online opportunities over the years. We chat about his early days being an undercover nerd which got him into the NASA Space Grant Program, then later in life as he stumbled upon making money with Google ads.

We also talk about how he currently helps businesses with their creatives, how the current economy is affecting marketing costs, and why you want to take advantage of that, as well as how to reverse engineer successful campaigns without the use of blackhat tactics. This episode is stuffed with YouTube expertise, but if you’re craving more, go check out our conversations with Aaron Biblow, Triston Goodwin, and John Belcher.

There’s a lot of people online, and they are looking for ways to either extend what they’re currently doing with this homebound situation or some people are looking to pivot.” – Tommie Powers

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • How a near-death experience turned Tommie’s life around
  • Media planning, and why everyone needs to do it first 
  • How the reduction in CPM’s are affecting the industry
  • Why you should be spending money on ads now more than ever to grow your brand and be top of mind
  • Yet another shout out to Dan!
  • How to structure creatives for the best ROI
  • The importance of qualifying your audience on your videos
  • How Tommie handles research and reverse engineers winning videos
  • And much, much more!

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