Timothy Dick – How Hostgator Grew And Exited For 9-Figures

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Today we are talking with the original COO of Hostgator, Timothy Dick. He’s got such a cool background and opens up as to how he grew the company and eventually sold it to the tune of nine figures. If you want to open your mind to how ads work, Tim is simply brilliant. We talk about where advertising is going, the stuff you can do with the data that’s being collected, and a variety of ways in which ads work. 

Tim walks us through the Hostgator days and what’s happened since then with his current company, Profit Layer. This is a fascinating episode and a great journey along the way so get ready to sit back and enjoy. When you’re done, go check out our talks with Billy Gene Shaw and Curt Maly to get more advertising and brand building strategies.

With the affiliate program we had tens of thousands of affiliates, but most of them didn’t really make that much money, because they just looked at it like ‘I’m going to sell this hosting and just send them my link’. But if you add something of value, it’s so easy.” – Timothy Dick

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The somewhat boring company that brings recurring income every month
  • Some crazy advertising tactics that went way above simple PPC
  • How Matt was able to make bank back in the early days of Hostgator’s affiliate program
  • Programmatic advertising – simple but not well-known advertising
  • What your cable company is not telling you
  • When you have four full-time reps from Google handling your account
  • Dealing with the loss of $1,000,000 in one day
  • The back door way to tie into LinkedIn
  • How Tim made boatloads of cash from his bedroom as a teenager

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