How To Connect With Any Influencers In Your Industry – Matt Wolfe & Joe Fier

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We’re back with another round of our therapy sessions. In this episode, we dive deep into two main things: how we turn our companion into a physical newsletter and how we get the names you see on this show and create a conversation to do advisories and rep deals, among other things.

As always, we’ve been testing out a lot of new strategies and there are some great tidbits on the latest podcasting news and discoveries as well as how to drive traffic to your existing podcast. And if you don’t have a podcast yet? We’ve got that covered for you as well.

In addition, we talk about leveraging your existing network as well as reaching out to people in, what we refer to as a “Dream 100” list, to expand your outreach for a win-win connection. We also talk about sites we use, books we’ve read over and over again, and the multiple connections we’ve made over the years and how we leverage our media properties in a very unique way.

The way we do podcasting is so unique from what everybody else is doing out there, we’re not making all our money off sponsors, we’re making most of our money off affiliate marketing.” – Matt Wolfe

The monetization part is where we are really putting a lot of our time and energy…so that we can go and help other companies who have a podcast monetize to a much greater degree.” – Joe Fier

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Some of the cool things we are doing in our business
  • How we are getting bigger and bigger name guests on the show
  • How The EGP newsletter leverages this for our connections
  • The latest news regarding Google and how that will help your SEO immensely if you do it correctly
  • How we leverage physical mail and why it’s such a big hit
  • Ninja tactics for follow-ups with those we connect with
  • How one link added to their content has allowed us to network with amazing guests
  • The different ways to monetize content which has lead to big gains in affiliate income
  • How we retarget to potential guests for future episodes
  • A super simple way to use your existing FAQ’s for an additional media source
  • And much, much more!

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