Therapy Session – An Explanation Of The New Podcast Studio

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What’s up Hustle & Flowchart community! We’re back with our monthly therapy session and we are stoked to talk to your guys about our new studio. TBD on the name, but it’s getting close. We’re going to talk about why we got the new studio, all the cool equipment we got for the studio, a little about what’s been going on behind the business, and of course, the big reason behind why we got the studio. You’ll hear about the specific equipment we purchased, the way we set it up for a particular reason, as well as some less costly, but totally fun purchases we made to make it our own.

There are a few different reasons why the new studio is a big go for us and looking ahead, we want to tell you about our goals for growth, especially when it comes to YouTube. We also have a few changes in mind when it comes to the format of the show and we’d love to hear your thoughts. We’re excited about this new phase and can’t wait to show you guys some more behind-the-scenes footage as well as, how we are bringing all the tech, audio, and video footage together to grow our content strategy and brand. After you are done, check out our previous Therapy Session where we talk about how to become a PodHacker as well as our chat with Pat Flynn, and how he’s been able to build an amazing show and brand over the years.

We’ve noticed that content creation is best when we are together in a focused place…and there’s a mind-meld that happens in a different way when there’s a whiteboard in an office that has no distractions.” – Joe Fier

It’s been the vision and what we’ve always wanted to do. We want a creator space and a getaway, thinking mastermind space.” – Matt Wolfe

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Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • The one time recently when Matt was not wearing a hat (for a very good reason)
  • The big “Why” behind the reason we moved forward with securing our studio space
  • Saying goodbye to the trash man, the washing machine, and the gardener
  • Shout out to our awesome editor, Jacob
  • Listen in as we take you through an audio tour of this massive new space
  • Some fun, cheaper items we added to strategically bring into the mix 
  • The way we set up our camera in a specific way
  • Some changes for the future and where we are taking the show next
  • How we view YouTube and the amazing opportunities we plan on focusing on (and how you can potentially be a part of it!)

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