The Rookies Guide To Webinars – Casey Zeman

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As a kid growing up, Casey always wanted to be an actor.  He grew up watching 80’s movies, monty python, and scooby doo cartoons which seeded his desire to do something FUN, Full of Energy and that made people…laugh and cry.

He is an online product creator, author and business strategist who focuses on video/live events and content creation as a method for building a thriving online community. Casey has consulted such companies as Harper Collins, Estee Lauder and Dell on video marketing strategies and lead nurture funnels using events/webinars, He is the founder of Easywebinar, which is the market leader for creating Live and automated webinars.

Today, you’ll discover Casey’s “goto tactics” for using webinars to grow your business and why you should not be put off by the MASSIVE numbers and highlights people are shouting about from the Rooftops.

“If you can show Authenticity and Value, you are going to be successful.” – Casey Zeman

Some topics that were discussed include:

    • How Casey’s first ever webinar came about (spoiler: not good).
    • How to not be scared of conducting a webinar.
    • How to overcome the tech. overwhelm of running webinar.
    • The 2 things you must have in every webinar to succeed.
    • How to know exactly what to teach on webinars.
    • Why the equipment that you use is really not that important.
    • Whether to focus on list building or webinars first.
    • Why you’re leaving a lot on the table by not doing webinars.
    • The best times and schedules for your webinars.
    • Plus so so much more!

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