The Most Effective Way To Drive Consistent, Qualified Traffic To Your Offer

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Want to know how to look like you’re everywhere online when someone is searching for what you’ve got? Today you get to take a peek at the exact system we use to make money with our set it and almost forget it paid and organic traffic (as a byproduct) strategy to drive consistent, qualified traffic to your offer.

Tired of the confusion about where to find quality leads for your products? Ever wondered how much and where to spend your ad dollars?  Do you cringe when trying to sort out Google’s algorithm that will allow you to rank as a trusted resource people want to throw their money at? Our proprietary system makes it easy and totally doable.

Tune in to get the goods on how we built our own brand so we’re always top of mind to folks who’re in the business of online marketing…And that’s after only reading one piece of our content too. Not a bad way to build authority, is it?

For your added listening pleasure, tune in to this podcast with Chris Mercer to get a leg up on using Google Analytics. Also, read a deeper dive into this strategy in this post for even more actionable advice.

It’s our job on these podcasts to show you that there’s a completely different way of working and living that this whole system…of going to a day job or if you’re an entrepreneur to do all this work and hustle, hustle, hustle, grind, grind, grind…There’s a better way.”– Joe Fier

The Qualified Traffic Discussion Included:

  • How to blow yourself up and make yourself famous (looking anyway)
  • It’s all about leverage
  • Oooooh, role-playing
  • Who’s the leader of this duo anyway?
  • How content earns you the keys to the kingdom of never-ending customers
  • This is how you stand out from the crowd in a competitive space on a tiny ad budget
  • Check in this often on your KPIs to know if your ad strategy is working
  • Why a negative becomes a positive in Google ads
  • Do you pitch marriage on a first date? If not, you’ll do great with this two touch strategy
  • How to tinker and tweak for 2 hours on the front end to run a successful ad for 2 years
  • What exactly is “Joe mode?”
  • Deep pockets or deep strategy? Pick whichever works best for your business.
  • The fine art of being everywhere (to the people who read your article)
  • Matt’s all about that KPI, ‘bout that KPI, no treble (or trouble) if you know your customer’s average annual value

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